1. Draw your complete network design on a diagram. The diagram must show the computers, Internet connection, and physical layer items (e.g. wires, hub, router, etc, if appropriate). The diagram should be an original drawing done by you using an appropriate diagramming software. (15 Marks)
  2. A written description of the diagram including all the equipment connected. For each part of the network, as shown in your diagram, write a few paragraphs describing the part. (15 Marks)
  3. Provide a list of the high-speed Internet connection options in ISP you selected. For each service option give the web site URL for the company and a sentence or two about what they provide, and the cost. Then, explain which of the service options that you chose and why (factors such as cost, speed, availability, firewalls offered, other benefits). (15 Marks)
  4. What connection media did you choose for the network and why? Provide a complete list of the possible options. For each option provide a description of how the option works, what hardware and software you would need to get, and the cost. For each hardware component in each option provide a picture of the item, its cost, a one or two sentence description of what it does, and the URL from which you obtained it. Then, explain which connection option you chose and why. (10 Marks)
  5. The company decided to have their own company website. Select a Domain Name for the company, describe on the processes that needed for getting a Domain Name. (10 Marks)
  6. Now search for the web hosting services that the company can host for their company website. Give a list 4 web hosting companies that you consider for their services and packages. Then, explain which of the service options that you chose and why
    (10 Marks)

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