Networking case study

find a networking case study and write its own words in which these features should be included for example a networking case study you found online but this case study needs to be written in your own words and in which you have discussed the requirements whats the problems why you want to change the network what changes you want something like that. I am providing you some points so see these points then you can get idea from that.

first find a networking case study if its something from campus university related that should be good for example the campus has two college they eant to expand their network but because of building contruction the network is very slow so these kind of case study, in which you have explain what was the network , what is the requirement, what updates network need, what changes should be there but make sure fina a case study that mostly include LAN, WLAN for example wire to wi-fi case study. and one more things the my tutor said to me in first week of the semester find a networking case study and write in your own words and after that start work from week 2 as below given in the picture so find a case study that can follow these steps which are given in the picture.

Sample Solution