Networking in the Nutrisionist Job Field

Networking can be greatly beneficial to any job search. It can be a huge advantage to have a well-established professional network, as many available positions are never publicly advertised, and are instead filled via networked connections. As you begin networking, the industry research you have conducted will be a great way to showcase your communication skills, industry knowledge and value as a candidate. Representing yourself as an articulate and qualified professional with great communication skills can go a long way in creating a positive impression upon other professionals within your industry, and it could even land you a job! Creating and maintaining a network of professional connections requires effort and consistent communication, but the time spent on building a network can create countless advantages and opportunities throughout your career. Be sure you are getting out there and building a network as soon as possible; it is to your advantage to at least have a basic network established before you even begin job searching. Some great ways to network with professionals in your industry are: Networking in person: Career Fairs Industry Events Alumni Events at your College Volunteer experiences Internships and Externships Informational Interviews Networking online via LinkedIn and other social media Have you had any recent networking experiences? What did you gain from them? How do you plan to continue networking in the future?







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