New Product Introduction

The product’s attributes. The following points should be included:

  1. Product t. Describe it (include its qualities and uses). 2. Does it differ from products already available and if so, how much? If this product does OM differ from others on the market, describe the unique appearance 3. Is this product an innovative product? Is it just new to your company? Pinpoint the product’s position on the P.I..C. 4. What is the target market and why? 5. Prepare a SWOT analysis for your company.
  2. Price I. What is the selling price? How was the price determined? 2. What is your pricing strategy and whet arc your pricing objectives? 3. Relate pricing unitary to competition 4. Relate importance of variability of product demand. C. Place I. Describe charnels of distribution strategy. 2. Relate distribution to final retailing and characterize your distribution in relation to selected target markets.
  3. Describe the product’s package and brand identification. 2. Describe the promotional mix_ 3. How we the firm’s promotional objectives to be achieved? la ad Slim* and package picture/layout.

Whore elements of the marketing mix have bona to achieve your marketing objectives for this


Listed are suggestion, however, there are other ideas and terms that you can use.


1) Product: plc, branding. Packaging. Product warrant• product, link mix services.

2) Prick: price, price objectives, market share, facticity, skimming discounts, etc.

3) Place: channel of distribution, wholesaling, retailing. direct  or indirect. Logistics,

4) Promotion:

Promotional merits: advertising selling, sales promotion, publicity, media mid push or pull.





Sample Solution