New Venture Planning

Business Plan Project
You will need to come up with a product or a service for this project and make a business out of it. I can’t stress enough the importance of thinking small when it comes to your product or service. You will learn the same basics of writing a business plan for a better mouse-trap that you would learn from writing a business plan for the next Google. My goal is for you to learn the basics in the easiest way possible. Between the lectures, textbook and outline below you will find the information I am requesting from you in the Business Plan.

  1. Cover Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Business Description
    A. Mission Statement
  5. Type of Business
  6. Name
  7. Location
  8. Product Description
  9. Position
  10. Pricing Strategy
  11. Market and Industry Analysis – the problem that exists
    A. Customer Profile
    B. Market Segment – the size of the problem
  12. Target Market and Demographics
  13. Competition
  14. Sales and Marketing
    A. Method of sales
    B. Advertising and Promotion
    C. Slogan
    D. Character/Spokesman
  15. Operations
  16. Management
  17. Financials
    You will also need to prepare a PowerPoint/Prezi presentation addressing the information above. Think of this presentation as our version of “Shark Tank”. The presentation should be no more than 5-minutes. You need to make the rest of the class want to invest in your business.

Sample Solution