Nobel Prize winning

Write a review of a selected Nobel prize-winning research that led to a major discovery of an important
biological process/principle or scientific innovation related to topics covered by this course.
your review must include the following components:
• Introduction. A description of the scientific discovery and the scientist(s) who conducted the research.
o The institutions and relevant period of time where/when the work was done.
o Citation(s) of the original publication(s) of the research.
o Description of the current knowledge at that time. What was known? What was unknown? Were there any
other competing theories or alternative points of view?
• Experimental Methodology. A description of ONE of the experimental methods used by the investigator(s).
Describe the results and conclusions of the experiment.
• Impact. Describe the significance of the investigators’ findings and its impact on our knowledge of molecular
biology. Cite at least one example of research that was based on the original discovery.
Your review should be 4 pages in length typed, 12-pt font. A bibliography in APA format is REQUIRED and is
not included in your page count. Do not add cover pages, photos or charts to your review.

Sample Solution