Nurse-to-patient Ratios

  1. Background and Introduction: Identifies specific area of concern and rationale for selecting the issue.
    Explains why the issue requires nursing leadership. Clarifies the purpose of the paper (last sentence stating
    “the purpose of this paper is..”
  2. Explanation of the issue: review of the problem, what has been done to address it, and opportunities in the
    healthcare system for addressing the issue
  3. Role of Nurse Leaders: Considers role of 2 or more roles nurse leaders can assume in addressing the issue,
    identifies qualities needed by leaders to address the issue, addresses, different approaches and styles that
    could be used by nurse leaders in the selected area
  4. Conclusion: Provides an analysis of available evidence and its quality, insightful description of what the issue
    means for the nursing profession now and in the future, opportunities for addressing this issue in the future
    through practice, education and/or research

Sample Solution