Nursing informatics

Nursing informatics is crucial to the providing the best patient-centered care through the utilization of evidence-based practice. Informatics enhances patient safety, reduces healthcare costs, and improves the quality of the healthcare delivered (Jouparinejad et al., 2020). However, being competent in nursing informatics is even more fundamental in the world of critical care nursing. The patients in critical care units, such as the NICU I currently work in, require high-tech equipment and clinicians adept at monitoring this specialized equipment (Jouparinejad et al., 2020). Patient safety within this environment is key to positive long-term outcomes. Hence, we as future nurse leaders must ensure all of our nurses, whether at the bedside or in positions of authority, are competent in nursing informatics. The results of Jouparinejad et al.’s study (2020), indicates nurse mangers, educators, and decision-makers should ensure the appropriate informatics training programs are in place within their facility, such as assessment of education needs, and incorporating NI competencies regularly.



Jouparinejad, S., Foroughameri, G., Khajouei, R., & Farokhzadian, J. (2020). Improving the informatics competency of critical care nurses: Results of an interventional study in the southeast of Iran. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 20(1). doi: 10.1186/s12911-020-01244-5

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