Nursing Legislation and Nursing Practice

Is healthcare delayed, or is healthcare denied?

Is there an ethical basis for the decision?

What is the role of the DNP-prepared nurse in advocating for this man and other patient’s in similar situations?

What response might you give this patient regarding the potential value of national health insurance?

What response might you give this patient regarding rationing of healthcare and responsible medicine?

What healthcare intervention might you explore on behalf of this patient?

What healthcare policy models and frameworks are justified in light of this scenario?

Discuss how a bill becomes law.

Discuss the importance of the legislative arm of the government.

Discuss the importance of health policy and advocate to make changes in the best interest of patients.

Discuss the steps of effective lobbying: Identify supporters, contacting policymakers, and building relationships.

Building relationships is one of the best strategies that any lobbyist, nurse, person can employ.Discuss.







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