Nursing research study using Jean Watson’s Human Caring theory.

You are to critically appraise a nursing research study using Jean Watson’s Human Caring theory. The critical appraisal which you will be doing will require that you do the following to determine the legitimacy and value of the articles you are choosing to review: 1. Title of the article and the journal; Author and Date of publication – has to be within the past 5 years to be used as evidence: Type of article published: systematic review, meta-analysis, random clinical trials, cohort studies, etc. EBP pyramid level of evidence (Ranks are levels I – VII): Was the study appropriate and valuable to improve health: Who were the participants, how many, was a power analysis done to determine if statistical analysis should be performed: Was randomization or volunteer, or specific sample selection used: If a systematic review or meta-analysis, how did the authors determine what articles to choose to review? What was the intervention? Were the instruments used to analyze the data valid and reliable: What were the results? This includes the stats findings: What were the strengths and weaknesses of the published article? This includes the EBP pyramid, the instruments reliability/validity, sample size, type of analysis done, results, limitations, etc: Did the strengths or weaknesses predominate and should the article be used to support your project and practice change? The grade will be based on accuracy, level of content and structure of the document.

Sample Solution