Nursing Theory

Identify your specialty area of NP practice (Critical Care). Sel.t a nursing theory (Orem: shown below), borrow. theory, or interdisciplinary theory provided in the I.son plan or one of your own findings. Address the following: Origin M.ning a. scope Logical ad.uacy Usefulness and simplicity Generalizability Testability Finally, provide an example how the theory could be used to improve or evaluate the quality of practice in your specific setting. What rationale can you provide that validates the theory as applicable to the role of the nurse practitioner.
Dorothea Orem: The Self-Care Deficit Nursing Th., Dorothea Orem is well recognized for her conceptual framework of self-deficit nursing th.ry. Betw.n 1971 a. 1995, several revisions have been made to the model

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