Nussbaum’s article

Nussbaum makes references throughout her article to several different philosophers, including some we have read previously. Choose one of our previous readings and compare the ideas in that text to Nussbaum’s argument. How are the authors similar in their views on happiness and/or suffering? How are they different? Be specific!
The first reading is “Who is the Happy Warrior? Philosophy Poses Questions to Psychology” by Martha C. Nussbaum on pages 28-43 of Pursuing Happiness. Nussbaum is a professor of philosophy and, as her title suggests, she is writing about how an awareness and consideration of philosophy might benefit psychology in understanding happiness.

The second reading is “Character of the Happy Warrior” by William Wordsworth. Wordsworth is an English poet from the Romantic period, and this poem was published in 1807. Nussbaum discusses this poem and references it in the title of her article, and both texts challenge common views of happiness. Wordsworth is describing the nature of “the happy Warrior,” which is different from what we might typically associate with happiness. After all, we wouldn’t normally think of a warrior as being happy!

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