Record everything you eat, drink and consume for 3 days. It is best if you document or record the foods/beverages right after you consume them, so you don’t forget.
One of the three days should include a weekend day.
Do not change your diet! The evaluation should be based on what you typically eat.
Measure everything that you eat and drink (use measuring cups)
Record any exercise you did for each of the 3 days
You will take the food/beverage record and exercise record and input the data into the Diet Analysis Program.
If certain foods/beverages are not found in the Diet Analysis program you will need to choose an alternative option that is similar
Once you input your food/beverage and exercise data, the program will analyze everything you enter.
You will need to submit TWO diet analysis reports: 1). Nutrition Facts report and 2). Actual vs. Recommend report
Write a 2-3 page (double- spaced, 3-pages preferred) critique of your results from the analysis. In this critique discuss what nutrients you were deficient or excessive in. Discuss how you can improve or change your diet to meet your needs better. Please list all references used for this critique. Please review further details for critique/essay in Part 3 below.
Completed Project Should Include THREE Parts:

Part 1: Neatly typed 3-day food and beverage record/log, you can use food log generated from the diet analysis software

Part 2: TWO reports from the diet analysis software-nutrition facts and actual vs. recommended report

Part 3: 2-3 page critique (essay) of your dietary analysis results. Critique needs to include:

Review what nutrients you are deficient or excessive in (hint: you can find this data in the actual vs. recommend intake report).
Expand on what foods you can incorporate into your diet to help improve your specific nutrient deficiencies and what foods you may need to reduce or lower your intake of certain nutrients.
Discuss if you met your needs for calcium, iron, fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin D
Review sodium, saturated fat and sugar intake (more or less than the recommendations?) How can you reduce these in your diet?
Review what your actual Kcal intake was vs. what your recommendation was
Discuss what your goal was: maintain, lose or gain
Discuss if this assignment was beneficial for you and what you have learned from it

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