Ocean Acidification

1) Identify your issue clearly. What is the issue? How was it traditionally defined and what has it meant
historically? Lay out the history of your issue.
2) What has been this issue’s impact on the worid or its local environment? How is it affecting the social,
economic, political, and natural environments of people or of the planet? Lay out the actual impacts of the
issue and describe what’s at stake when considering the issue.
3) What has been proposed to mitigate (lessen) the impact of this issue on the planet or on human activity?
What have different groups, nations, political organizations, or prominent people proposed to help address
the concerns of this issue? In particular, should we choose mitigation (changing practices to try to improve
the issue) or adaptation (change our practices in line with the effects of the issue)? These should be fairly
specific proposals. In essence, you cannot make your own proposals and suggestions for future action if
you don’t know what others have proposed.
4) What do you propose is the best course of action to address the impacts of this environmental issue?
This is YOUR proposal and your voice. This is your critical analysis of the issue and of what others have
proposed and make your own proposal. It need not be compietely unique but it should be yours and your
5) Finally, what is the likely outcome of these issues politically and socially? You get to put on a bit of a
predictive hat and tell me how likely action is develop on the issue. a
Some specifics on the paper

Sample Solution