Ohio’s Glacial History

Using the Glacial Map of Ohio and other sources answer the following questions.
Add your answers using a different color font.

  1. A) From which direction did the ice flow/move?
    B) What evidence supports your answer?
  2. What are the green arcs shown in the western portion of Ohio?
  3. The green arcs in Clinton County are older than the arcs in Delaware County. Why?
  4. What are the “mustard-yellow” color band extending from Knox County down to Adams County?
  5. Please list a county that was not glaciated (i.e., covered by ice) during the Pleistocene.
  6. List some of the glacial features’ observable in Franklin County.
  7. A) Explain why there are lake deposits in northern Ohio.
    B) What was the name of the lake that left the deposits?
  8. How are the glaciated areas of Ohio’s and agriculture related?
  9. What are some other glacial features (besides the ones already used) located throughout Ohio?
  10. Why is Glacial Ridge Metropark misnamed?

Sample Solution