Olympia Electrical Manufacturing Company (OEM),

At Olympia Electrical Manufacturing Company (OEM), a unit of Olympia, you must determine the exemption status and overtime status for Mabel Jones a long time employee.

  1. Read the “Report on Mabel Jones” (Exhibit 1-1) attached below.

Determine what the exemption status is for Mabel Jones. (25 points)

  1. Read the “Olympia Guidechart for Fair Labor Standards Act Qualifications for Exemption from Overtime Pay” (Exhibit 1-2) to understand the factors that separate exempt from nonexempt positions.

Determine whether Olympia is required by law to pay Mabel overtime? (25 points)

Document the reasons for your answer. (25 points)

  1. Calculate what Mabel Jones salary will be in a week including commission.

Show your calculations. 25 points

Sample Solution