Online STEM Education

Online STEM education during COVID-19 period: a systematic review of perceptions in Higher education

Instructions to follow in writing the paper:

  1. This paper is a systematic review following a scientific research method
  2. Follow the same way of the structuring the article including methodology attached in a file named “TEMPLATE”
  3. The research method to be used in this paper called PRISMA and its guidelines are mentioned in the “TEMPLATE” file.
  4. Use tables and diagrams illustrating the steps of constructing the paper including coding the review, mapping and analyzing steps as it is shown in the TEMPLATE file.
  5. Attached are the relevant articles to be used in the paper
  6. When you use other references please make sure all references are from reputed peer-reviewed journal indexed in Scopus or WOS.
  7. In the attachments, you will find a diagram of the main steps and elements should be included on the paper.
  8. The research questions will be included and answered in the paper are as follow:
  • What does existing research distinguish faculty’s perceptions of implementing online STEM education?
  • What do faculty recognize as challenges, constraints, and opportunities to conducting online STEM education?
  • What support do faculty believe would improve their experience in implementing inline STEM education?

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