Ontological (complexity theory, critical theory, human science theory) views on loss and grieving

Select one nursing concept relevant to your nursing practice.  You will then select 3 of the 4 ontological traditions ( Ontological traditions or theory are Critical theory, Complexity theory, Human/caring theory) to examine in depth the nursing concept through the 3 different ontological lenses.  The paper will include:


  • Choose a nursing concept/phenomenon and examine the history of the concept/phenomenon and how it has been defined and changed over time;


  • Using each of the 3 ontological lenses, examine how it has been studied and informed nursing practice through knowledge development;


  • Identify if there have been any practice or ethical issues related to the nursing concept/phenomenon and the different ontological traditions;
    • Examine and explain any controversies and intersections that occur when comparing the concept across ontological traditions; and




    Based on your own knowledge values and beliefs, discuss which ontological tradition would best guide your own nursing practice for the nursing concept;





Sample Solution