As a buyer for XYZ retail store you will choose a classification of merchandise that you would like to buy. You will decide where your store will be located and what type of store it will be. This information will be backed up by valid research and trend information. Once you have decided on the type of merchandise you want to carry and have developed a name for the store and location (city and state), you will have $1.236.000 (Retail) and $618,000 (Cost) to spend to stock your store. This money will be your open-to-buy (OTB) for the season and we will use the Spring/Summer* season which will encompass February, March, April, May. June. and July as there is information that is readily available. You will detail down to the sub-class level what your department will consist of and how you plan your inventory flow. We will discuss this in more detail as the course progresses. The written portion of the project will be a minimum of four typed double spaced pages discussing the process, your research, and why you chose the product classification that you did; the balance of the project will be numbers based.

Sample Solution