Operation management and supply chain

The Caterpillar Foundation, founded in 1952, is helping to make sustainable progress possible around the world through support of environmental sustainability, access to education and fulfilment of basic human needs.
The company has a long history of innovation and using leading edge technology to provide customer solutions. Whether they are researching ways to move more dirt with less fuel, developing products that generate fewer emissions or exploring autonomous vehicle solutions, their strength is integrating customer feedback with ideas and actions to ensure our customers’ success now and in the future: (http://www.cat.com/en_GB/company.html)
You are a new operations manager at Caterpillar and you are required to apply methodologies that will assist with the management of change within the organisation as globalisation has destabilized Caterpillars market shares. You are now tasked with writing a plan in the form of a report to the Caterpillar board of Directors/Executives highlighting the following:

1. Formulate and illustrate an operations strategy that will integrate with the resource requirements and marketing functions for Caterpillar. (Create Input-process-output map, talk about supply demand)
2. Critically assess managerial skills and competencies required for management of supply chain and operations in a rapidly changing commercial and technological environment for the company. (-Talk about which engineer handles which process, -What are management skills required to manage these process, -Talk about which specific engineer is needed to manage each process i.e. 1. hydraulics engineer 2. mechanic engineer 3. IT engineer 4. Metallurgist, -Talk about inventory management, -From start to finish who manages the whole chain)
3. Explain how to plan and manage an operations function and report on the optimum layout for specific types of process work flows and process technologies. (create a process map of the whole operations)
4. Evaluate and make appropriate recommendations to the board in your plan methodologies that will assist with the management of change within operations management in order to improve quality and lean management of operations and also improve the overall competitiveness of the business,.


Sample Solution