Operations management assignment

  1. The weekly output of a production process is shown below, together with data for labor and material inputs. The standard inventory value of the output is $125 per unit. Overhead is charged weekly at the rate of $1500 plus .5 times direct labor cost. Assume a 40-hour week and an hourly wage of $16. Material cost is $10 per running foot. What is the average multi-factor productivity for this process?
  2. A company has introduced a process improvement that reduces processing time for each unit, so that output is increased by 25% with less material, but one additional worker required. Under the old process, five workers could produce 60 units per hour. Labor costs are $12/hour, and material input was previously $16/unit. For the new process, material is now $10/unit. Overhead is charged at 1.6 times direct labor cost. Finished units sell for $31 each. What increase in productivity is associated with the process improvement?

Sample Solution