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Choose a live business, understand and analyse it from the different supply chain and operations management perspectives discussed in the class and suggest improvements. A 3000 word report covering all these aspects needs to be produced and submitted. Choice of Business: It could be any small business such as a restaurant, retail outlet, small engineering/construction/production firm, book store, petrol station, hair dresser etc. Students are required to do this project individually in separate organisations, although these organisations could be in the same sector. Operations Analysis: You may need to start with secondary research in order to get a perspective of operations management issues typically encountered in the chosen kind of organisation. Subsequently, primary data through interviews with customers, suppliers, owner, employees would be necessary to understand specific operations management issues faced by that organisation and identify potential solutions. Archival data available with the organisation such as on systems and processes used, quality, inventory, capacity and customer demand etc. should also be used besides taking real observations on these and other operations aspects



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