McDonald’s has come to epitomize the ‘fast-food” industry. When the company started in the 1950s it was the first to establish itself in the market. Now there are hundreds of ‘fast-food’ brands in the market competing in different ways. Some of the differences between these fast- food chains are obvious. For example. Some specialize in chicken products, others in pizza, and so on. However, some differences are less obvious. Originally, McDonald’s competed on low price, fast service and a totally standardized service offering. It also offered a very narrow range of items on its menu. Visit a McDonald’s restaurant and deduce what you believe to be its most important performance objectives. Then try to identify two other chains which appear to complete in a slightly different way. Subsequently identify how these differences in the relative importance of competitive objectives have influenced their operations decisions.

For this assignment, you must think about how corporations like McDonald’s has developed and maintained competitive edges from operations strategy and operations management perspectives. You may also consider impact of technological changes and coronavirus pandemic on the future operations.

In general, the report should cover:

An introductory section on the company or case
Description of your analysis and findings to the questions
Technological changes and coronavirus pandemic on the future operations. • Conclusion

You can research the topic through reading peer-reviewed articles. Exceptionally highly regarded industry sources (e.g., Harvard Business Review, McKinsey, Accenture) will be accepted.

Sample Solution