Optimize Operation and Maintenance Key Performance Indicator Measurements of Metro Projects

I’m doing a thesis as the above subject. and I got three requirements from my supervisor as shown below.

“(1) Include a couple schematic or photographs to visualise the object and its complexities.

(2) Aims and objectives – write objectives – point-by-point – write such that it shows innovation and may be linked with each chapter for clarity.

(3) Report layout – a brief discussion about Chapter 2, 3, 4, etc”

The objectives in my (project proposal) which need for sure to be added in (Chapter 1) with a very brief introduction (many lines only) are:

  1. Review the KPIs of different given metro systems from different regions.
  2. Analyze and audit the impact of quality of KPIs areas which result to the overall performance that may meet the organization objectives or lead to negative consequences such as increasing O&M costs, deduction fees and/or bad reputation.
  3. Optimize the given metro system’s KPIs areas in order to improve the overall performance for a metro project.

Sample Solution