Orchestra in the romantic era

1, Consult abstracts of peer-reviewed musicological literature on your subject and identify a few of the recognized authorities in the field. Highlight one of the resources you find especially stimulating, and explain
how the author encouraged you to think about the subject in a new way. (Refer back to the Zoom recording of our guest librarian as a reminder of effective library researching.)
Please include a reference (Chicago-Turabian) for your resource.
2, Describe your proposed research methodology (that is, how, specifically, do you intend to examine your subject?). Explain why you think a particular mode of research will shed light on the issues central to your
work. Your submission should include the following:
Statement of your research topic/question.
Description of your methodology
Description of how research is going to address issues that may have been absent from the existing research
or literature
The description of your methodology should include what you plan to do in addition to what sources you
consulted. Your research should be adding to the knowledge base, not just reaffirming what has already been written.
3, An abstract is a concise statement that describes the subject, content, and potential benefit of a larger research project. It should serve as a quick reference by providing sufficient information about the scope of
your study without going into excessive detail. It should also be engaging so one will be compelled to read your
entire study. For the purposes of this class, your abstract (250 words) should:
Identify the specific topic
Describe the principal issues surrounding the topic
Summarize how experts in the field have addressed these issues
Explain (briefly) how you intend to examine these issues
Explain what your completed project will contribute to the field.

Sample Solution