Chose one of the 3 articles;

Article 1.

Article 2.

Article 3.

If the links do not work then copy and paste the following into the search bar for the library;

Guillaume, Y., Dawson, J., Otaye?Ebede, L., Woods, S., & West, M. (2017). Harnessing demographic differences in organizations: What moderates the effects of workplace diversity? Journal of Organizational Behavior, 38(2), 276-303.

Fast, Sivanathan, Mayer, & Galinsky. (2011). Power and overconfident decision-making. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Sinha, R., Janardhanan, N., Greer, L., Conlon, D., & Edwards, J. (2016). Skewed Task Conflicts in Teams: What Happens When a Few Members See More Conflict Than the Rest? Journal Of Applied Psychology, 101(7), 1045-1055.

Then bring two related article to the topic you choose. Then apply the files I uploaded name Article Summary Template
After thsis part I will order with you part 2 which is doing full assignment
please do your best and be creative .

1. Select one of the articles provided by the workshop facilitator, and then use the library databases and search engines to find two additional journal articles published on the same topic.
In approximately week 3, your workshop facilitator or the subject coordinator will provide a short list of recent academic journal articles. Select one of the articles for inclusion in your report.
The two additional journal articles must have been published between 2010 and present and must be selected from the following list of journals:
*Journal of Organizational Behavior
*Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
*Journal of Applied Psychology
Academy of Management Journal
British Journal of Management
Human Relations
Journal of Management
Leadership Quarterly
*It is recommended that you start your search within one of the journals marked with an *. These journals principally publish topics in organisational behaviour.
**Note: These are the exact names of the acceptable journals. Click on the journal name to go to the online library access page (La Trobe sign in may be required).

2. Read each article thoroughly.
Pay particular attention to the introduction, literature review, and discussion sections. You can skim the methods and results sections. You will use this information to analyse and compare and contrast the articles.
3. Write your essay
The individual assignment should be written in a neat, professional and engaging manner using an essay format.

Your essay should have the following sections:
• Introduction
o Try to write something engaging to capture the reader’s interest.
o Clearly identify the topic that ties the three articles together (e.g., motivation, organisational citizenship, etc.).
o Include a brief overview of the assignment and how it is organised.
• Article summary
o Briefly summarise the articles. Focus on describing the key concepts and main points from each article (e.g., the theoretical concepts).
• Article analysis
o Identify and discuss on which points they agree and on which points they differ. Can the differing opinions be synthesised? If you deem an author’s position more credible explain your arguments. If you disagree with an author’s position, explain your reasoning. Do the research findings matter, and can the research be applied in real work settings?
• Recommendations
o Based on the above analysis, what specific recommendations can you make for managers or organisations? Aim for 2 to 4 clear and concise recommendations.
▪ Don’t simply re-state the authors’ recommendations from each article; develop your own recommendations based on all three articles.
▪ If it isn’t possible to make any recommendations (e.g., all the articles were severely flawed), explain your reasoning.
• Conclusion
o Summarise and integrate your findings. Identify any limitations within your essay. Final comments.
• References
o Provide references as a separate page at the end of the document.

You need to use the APA or Harvard Referencing System.
Length: The total length of the assignment is a maximum of 2,000 words (+/- 10%) (Reference list and title page are excluded from the word count)
Weighting: 40% of your total mark.
Due date: Sunday ending Week 8 by 11:55pm
Submission: Submit via the LMS (Assignment Turnitin). Hard copies are NOT required
Format: The document should be written as clear, concise essay. It is important that your essay has a logical flow and good structure, makes use of relevant subheadings where appropriate, and that you write using coherent, integrated text, avoiding grammatical and spelling mistakes. For reading (and marking) ease please use a 12-point Calibri font with 1.5x spacing.
Marking Criteria: Please refer to the LMS for marking criteria.

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