Organised Crime

Discuss the question :Organized Crime is “a specter haunting globalization”(Abraham and van Schendel, 2005:2).

Essay; Organised crime is “a spectre haunting globalisation” (Abraham and van Schendel,
2005: 2). Discuss.

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Useful Websites (CJS NI) (Northern Ireland Office Online) (Organised Crime Taskforce NI) (British Society of Criminology website) (British Government’s Information Service website) (UK Foreign Office) (NCA UK) (US Department of Homeland Security) (Non-governmental organisation monitors police and state activities) (Department of Justice Northern Ireland) (Northern Ireland Assembly) (FBI USA) (Europol, EU) (Eurojust, EU) (Criminal Assets Bureau, Ireland) (Organised Crime Policy, EU) (UN Office of Drugs and Crime) (UNTOC) (DEA, USA)

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