Organization of Portfolio

The word-study portfolio is the culminating assignment in this course. This assignment involves designing a 5-day instructional plan OR word study unit that reflects the specific needs of the student who was the focus of your assessment report. You will develop lesson plans using the lesson plan format presented in class. The lesson plan includes five components: 1). introduction/review, 2). word study, 3). word building, 4). reading/writing connection, and 5). game.

Several components will be included in your electronic portfolio.

Organization of Portfolio

  1. Title Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Brief summary: Lesson Goals and Rationale
  4. Assessment report (include graded report)
  5. At-a-glance
  6. Extended daily lesson plans—including materials and resources
  7. Wrap Up

Title Page
• Title page should include student name, course title, assignment title, instructor, and date

Table of Contents
• Please list the order of information presented in the portfolio. Page numbers are not required.

Brief Overview: Lesson Goals and Rationale
• Prepare a brief paragraph to explain the focus of the unit and why you have made these decisions
o Lesson Goals and rationale
o Introduce your student
o Identify spelling stage
o Instructional focus for the week

Assessment report (include graded report)
• Add the entire assessment report

• The at-a-glance is a one-page lesson plan that provides a snapshot of the weekly unit. I will use this to determine whether I should continue reviewing the portfolio.

Extended daily lesson plans—including materials and resources
• In this section you will develop the extended lesson plans. Remember, the at-a-glance gives a snapshot of each component of the lesson. The extended lesson plan included elaborating on each activity. Therefore, you will have 1-2 pages for each day of the lesson plan.

Wrap Up
• Provide a final comment related to why you believe the student will be successful in this assignment. Explain how your lesson reflects a few of the principles of word study. Finally, identify the “next steps” if you were to teach the student the following week.

Sample Solution