Organizational Analysis

US writer Project : Company/Organizational Analysis For our project this semester please choose a company or an organization from the list below that you are interested in learning more about. Once you have chosen an organization/company from the list you are ready to begin your research. Choose 1: Walmart
This is what you will need to do for the project: 1. Describe your organization’s Mission, Vision & Goals. I would like this to be written in your own words and not directly taken as an excerpt from an annual report. 2. Describe how your organization promotes Diversity within their workplace. 3. What type of Organizational Codes and/or Ethics does your organization promote and follow? How do they incorporate Social Responsibility? 4. Describe your organization’s Culture. 5. Describe your organization’s Task Environment and General Environment. 6. Include an Organizational Structure/Hiearchy chart and description of it. Please describe if your organization has a tall or flat organizational structure and if they use centralized or decentralized authority. 7. Include and describe a SWOT analysis (table or chart) and use it to propose your Recommendations for your organization.






Sample Solution