Organizational change within the colorado department of transportation

For this assignment, You will write about a change you experienced in an organization with which you are
familiar. Examples of organizations would be an organization where you work or have worked, an organization
where you have volunteered, a school you attended, or a local governmental agency or entity.
The paper will address the following:
• Vision/mission: will the change impact the vision/mission?
• Structure: how will the change impact the organization’s structure?
• Communication: how will communication patterns flow following change implementation?
• Decision making and problem-solving: what decision-making and problem-solving approaches will be used
during and after change implementation.
• Culture and ethics: how will the organization’s culture and ethics be impacted by the change?
• Organizational theory: what organizational change theory or theories will be applied to the change

Sample Solution

• Leadership: what leadership approach or approaches will be most effective in managing the change and