Organizational Responsibility: Compliance & Social Responsibility

This is a two part assignment. Each part requires a 1 paragraph (half a page) response – for a total of 1 page (2 paragraphs). Please cite any references below each part, depending on which part it applies to. Please answer/do each part. Again, each part requires a half page response – for a total of 1 page. Please make sure you are answering all the questions for each part.
Part I: Give your own definition of Corporate Social Responsibility. After completing the readings and watching our videos (see “reading and background material” attachment), (a) give your own definition of corporate social responsibility; (b) tell us whether or not corporate social responsibility is still important to business in the 21st Century; and (c) discuss how is an organization’s reputation might be affected by their social responsibility activity?
Part II: Imagine you are the organization’s Chief Compliance Officer in one of the banking industry. Identify and list your organization’s compliance obligations and the relevant agencies you must report compliance issues to, as well as any annual milestones to which you must adhere. Outline a strategy you would use to develop an organizational compliance culture, including policies, assignment of responsibilities and report preparation.

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