Outline for The Buildup of U.S.A

Focus on communicating the figure’s relevance in today’s modern era. Why and how is this figure important today? This is not meant to be a biography. Your argument should highlight how society remembers him or her now. Please feel free to select the “noteworthy figure” for me and remember that the first portion of this order is related to the second portion of this order, therefore, be sure to read this description in its​ entirety so you may build an excellent overall project that is A+ grade level. Thanks!. Please read-on…
In this unit, create a one-page outline in preparation for the Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation. The purpose of an outline is to help you plan, organize, and connect ideas together so that you can see the overall picture of your final product. At the beginning of the outline, make sure to include a 2–3 sentence introduction that lets the reader know your chosen topic. At the end of the outline, include at least two potential sources you would like to consider using for the Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation
Click here to view a tutorial on how to create an outline. Although the tutorial focuses on creating an outline for a research paper, the basic concepts can still be followed. The information you plan to present in your PowerPoint should be broken down and organized. The transcript for this resource can be found within the “Notes” tab to the right of the presentation.

Sample Solution