Overcoming the external obstacles to JITD implementation

What steps did either Giorgio Maggiali or Barilla’s top management need to take to overcome the external obstacles to JITD implementation? Which one or two items would you suggest should be the first actions taken? Why are these initiatives top priority? Barilla found itself with poor performance metrics, please identify and provide an analysis on the driving factors.

Consider the following points when using your personal experience and how it relates to the topics discussed:

You can utilize information from your present or previous employers but do not use confidential information.
You can use information from other organizations that you support–charities, non-profits, etc.
You have all been consumers within a supply chain…that venue is always a good component to explore.
You can also select a firm for whom you have developed a knowledge foundation based upon your thorough study of that firm.
A substantive contribution includes examples from your experience, or poses an additional question with answer to further the discussion.

Sample Solution

Sample Solution