Participating in the Voice-Thread

After participating in the VoiceThread discussion for Module 5, please reflect on how actual or potential errors you see in your place of work could be examined. What is impacting the error, do any fall under the Red rule, what governmental organizations could help? Don’t forget to use the different agencies and their initiatives to help develop your reflective statement. Reflection should be no more than 500 words. You should have a title and reference page but this does not count in the 500 words.
Please create a 1 slide “Poster” VoiceThread presentation (1 slide PowerPoint/Poster) to complete this assignment. You are required to narrate your poster by adding a video comment to the slide by Wednesday. Your comment should include 3-4 minutes of narration.

Create this poster (or 1 slide PowerPoint) as if you were going to print it and hang in the hospital or medical office.
Design your poster layout
Choose your graphics
Use color in your poster
Keep headers or titles simple and catchy
Include text in your poster but not a paragraph
the whole idea behind the story is healthcare workers ignore and do not report a lot of stuff for fear of being fired,sued etc

Sample Solution