Patient Journey map

Narrative (approx. 300 – 400 words)
Tell the story from the perspective of the patient and their family

Table 1: Dimension s of health
Dimensions of health Health care near home Hospital care
Social & emotional wellbeing
Family & community commitments
Person, spiritual & cultural considerations
Physical and biological considerations

Table 2: Underlying factors impacting on access and quality of care
Underlying factors Health care near home Hospital care
Impact of illness or condition
Language and communication
Financial resources
Aspects of cultural safety

Table 3: Multiple perspectives
Perspective Patient history Diagnosis/ referral/transfer In hospital Discharge / transfer Follow up
Patient’s journey
Family/carer’s journey
Patient’s priorities, concerns, commitments
Health care/ service priorities
Service gaps
Responses to gaps

Table 4: Action plan
What actions can be taken in response to the gaps identified in Table 3
Action required By whom? When Review timeframe

Discussion (approx 500-600 words)
Discuss when and how cultural safety was enacted or not during this patient’s journey. Identify ways that the health care experience could have been improved for this patient and their family members.
• Include at least 5 references, using at least three from your readings (5 is the minimum for a pass)
• References are not included in the word count












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