Patient Satisfaction

After reading the Patient Satisfaction LearnScape scenario, your client, Bright Road Health, wants you,
External Marketing Consult, to critically evaluate the declining consumer satisfaction scores by analyzing the
data, speaking with key staff members, and then formulate an assessment that includes the following
• Issue
• Assessment/Findings
• Recommendation
Bright Road would like you to address the following in your recommendations on how to reverse negative
• A service delivery gap analysis and how to create customer value at the urgent care facility.
• The role of the front line personnel and their role in high quality service.
• Specific suggestions on how to improve the total patient experience at the urgent care facility.
Support the initial posting with at least 3 references of credible or peer-reviewed sources. References must not
be more than 5 years old.
Consider topics associated with achieving optimal return on investment (ROI); predictive marketing analytics;
identifying, analyzing, and interpreting qualitative data via surveys, focus groups, interviews, and projective
techniques; and coding, categorizing, and theming consumer opinions to drive and supporting marketing

Sample Solution