Pearson Education 2016

Task 1
A. Create a diagram illustrating the intended layout for the proposed network (ensure that you use a
suitable diagramming tool that provides standard symbols). You are required to identify the
o Switches
o Routers
o Firewalls (where necessary)
o Default Gateway
o Servers (those identified above)
o Client machines (can be one symbol with the number of devices)
o Phones (can be one symbol with the number of devices)
o Printers
B. Produce a list of the devices you have documented in part A above, along with justification for their
selection. This can be done in a tabular format e.g:
Device Location Justification for Selection
Switch – Manufacturer – Model

  • ABC1234
    Sales Switch provides…
    C. The use of a single class B address /26 has been proposed. You have been asked to
    calculate the following, showing the working you have used:
    o The subnet mask for the network
    o The number of subnets on the network
    o The broadcast address for the network
    o The first three ip address ranges for the network
    This comprises Section 1 of your report.
    [Successful completion of Task 1 accomplishes P5]
    Task 2
    Consider the design you have produced in Task 1 above along with the requirements that have been outlined.
    Produce a discussion on whether or not your proposed design meets the requirements along with associated
    This comprises Section 2 of your report.
    [Successful completion of Task 2 accomplishes P6]
    Pearson Education 2016
    Higher Education Qualifications
    Assignment Brief
    Task 3
    Examine the list of servers the network administrator has given. Recommend two additional servers that
    should be added to the list of servers along with associated justification.
    This comprises part of Section 3 of your report.
    [Successful completion of Task 3 accomplishes M4]
    Task 4
    Follow the attached worksheets (1 and 2) in order and accomplish the tasks outlined. Ensure that you
    document the required content in Section 4 of your report.
    This comprises Section 4 of your report.
    [Successful completion of Task 4 accomplishes P7]
    [Successful completion of Task 4 (Implementation of the performance counter) accomplishes M3]
    [Task 5]
    Having completed the required configuration you must now test to ensure that the environment is
    functioning as required. You are to test the functioning of at least 4 of the following configurations. These
    tests are to be conducted from a client machine utilizing various user accounts. You must describe details of
    which user account you are testing and which user group that user belongs to.
  1. Deploy Desktop Background via Group Policy
  2. Installing and Sharing two Printers
  3. Deploying Printers Using Group Policy
  4. Configuring Routing and Remote Access
  5. Configuring Remote Connection Restrictions
  6. Creating, Configuring Shares and Assigning Permissions
  7. Implement File Screening, Quota and Reporting on Shares
  8. Deploying Shares Using Group Policy
    Using the copy of the Windows 2008/2012/2016 environment as a client you are to connect this virtual
    client and join it to the domain. Note: Alternatively you may use a Windows 7 or Windows 10 Client.
    You are required to produce:
    A. A test plan documenting the areas you plan to test and associated details
    B. A test log documenting the results of your testing (including screenshots of your outcomes)
    C. A one page discussion on the results of your testing.
    This comprises Section 5 of your report.
    Pearson Education 2016
    Higher Education Qualifications
    Assignment Brief
    [Successful completion of Task 5 A, B and C accomplishes P8]
    [Task 6]
    Produce a maintenance schedule for your proposed network solution. The schedule should cover daily,
    weekly, fortnightly and monthly activities for the network. You are required to follow the format outlined
    Frequency Tasks Description
    How often should this be done? What are the tasks that should be
    What do these tasks accomplish?
    Why are they important?
    This comprises part of Section 6 of your report.
    [Successful completion of Task 6 accomplishes D2]
    [Task 7]
    Evaluate the work that you have done in order to accomplish this assignment. Produce a critical evaluation of
    the work that you have done outlining the following:
     Areas that you have done well. Provide justification why these areas were done well.
     Any challenges that you faced and how you overcame them
     Any improvements that can be made to the work done. For each improvement, state what it is and how
    it improves the network.
    This comprises part of Section 7 of your report.
    [Successful completion of Task 7 accomplishes D3]
    Pearson Education 2016
    Higher Education Qualifications
    Assignment Brief
    Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria
    Learning Outcome Pass Merit Distinction
    LO 3: Design efficient networked systems
    P5: Design a networked
    system to meet a given
    [TASK 1]
    P6: Test and evaluate the
    design to meet the
    requirements and analyse
    user feedback.
    [TASK 2]
    M3: Install and configure
    network services and
    applications on your
    [TASK 4]
    D2: Design a maintenance
    schedule to support the
    networked system.
    [TASK 6]
    LO 4: Implement and diagnose networked systems
    P7: Implement a
    networked system based
    on a prepared design.
    [TASK 4]
    P8: Document and
    analyse test results against
    expected results.
    [TASK 5]
    M4: Recommend potential
    enhancements for the
    networked systems.
    [TASK 3]
    D3: Use critical reflection
    to evaluate own work and
    justify valid conclusions.
    [TASK 7]
    a) This Assignment Brief has been issued on Saturday, March 09, 2019.
    b) This assignment should be attempted and completed individually.
    c) You must upload your report deliverable to your Moodle portal for this course. Please do not forget to
    include the completed front sheet.
    d) Submissions must be done no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, May 3, 2019. You will receive
    confirmation for all successful submissions.

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