Peer Review for Scientific and Mathematical /Analytical Inquiry Draft about alcoholism

You will choose one level 1 question for the scientific AND one level 1 question for the mathematical/analytical perspective.
You will then compose a level 2 research question based upon the level 1 questions you have chosen. The level 2 question provides specificity and focus. There are examples posted within the presentations this week. Please take some time to view the presentations.
Examples: Issue-School age children not receiving immunizations due to parent personal beliefs Level 1 question picked from the list provided: What are the economic issues involved? (level 1 questions can be answered with facts) Level 2 question that I compose: What is the economic impact when looking at office visits and hospitalizations related to children illness/disease that could be prevented with immunizations. Another level 2 question could be: What is the economic impact for missed days of work (parents missed days) due to staying home with child who is ill due to illness/disease that could have been prevented by immunization.







Sample Solution