People in the news,

Locate and list 3-4 recent news stories (it can be a print, TV, or radio example with links, if possible) and evaluate the language used by the media to represent the various groups. Consider the following questions to get started:

Are people in the news, whether they are female or male, described in parallel ways?
How often are marital status and appearance mentioned in stories about members of each sex?
When is race noted in newspaper articles? Why do you think this?
If race noted in the story, does this imply that a particular race is the assumed standard? Explain.
Are women’s and men’s athletic contests given equal coverage in the media?
Are female and male athletes described in parallel ways?
How much of each story on female and male athletes is devoted to athletic accomplishments, appearance, and personal details?
Conclude by examining how language helps form perceptions about groups based on gender, race, and sexual orientation through mass communication.

Sample Solution