Perception checking

Reflect on a recent communication interaction and to practice perception checking. Provide parenthetical in-text citation of course textbook. Review the discussion criteria prior to posting (listed in course syllabus, and ‘important information for course’ module.
The first part of this discussion is to discuss a recent communication that you experienced and describe the perception checking process (that you went through with the person you communicated with. 1) Perception check:
Step 1: Describe the behavior or situation without evaluating or judging it. Step 2: Think of some possible interpretations of the behavior, being aware of attributions and other influences on the perception process. Step 3: Verify what happened and ask for clarification from the other person’s perspective. Be aware of punctuation, since the other person likely experienced the event differently than you. The second part of this discussion requires you to reflect on perception checking and challenges.
2) Which step of perception checking do you think is the most challenging and why?

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