Persistent pain and redness of the left ear.

Case-Study F: D.B. brings her 2-year-old, C.A., into the clinic for persistent pain and redness of his left ear.
The child has been pulling at his ear for 2 days. The child is crying while sitting in his mother’s arms. You notice
thick serosanguinous drainage coming from his ear. The provider confirms a ruptured tympanic membrane
(TM) upon exam. This is C.A.’s documented third ruptured TM in his left ear in his 2 years of life. The provider
orders C.A. to begin amoxicillin–clavulanic acid (Augmentin) ear drops.
What patient teaching will the nurse provide to the mother about the diagnosis (and recurrence of illness) with
her son? (30 points).
What patient education will the nurse provide about giving C.A. his eardrops? (70 points).

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