Personal and organisational development

Write a data focusing on a planned journey from education into employment. you need to search for a graduate-level position or graduate training programme. you should detail how this position/programme fits into your overall career plan.
your reflective commentary will have two distinct parts.
part A: Will discuss the current marketplace for graduate employment opportunities(including graduate training programmes). In this section, you can p.m,. a general overview or focus on a particular industry or even your particular discipline( diploma majoring in Business administration and bachelor’s degree majoringB Business Administration with international management). you must use the UK or their home country (Indonesia) as the context for this section. Your discussion must review relevant academic literature.[35%].
Part B. will describe and discuss your intended career plan( the career that the writer have to choose) your commentary should include reference to academic literature where relevant and must include the following: 1. your intended graduate position/placement, with a rationale for your choice within the context of a longer-term career plan. 2. An assessment of suitability for your graduate position/placement using psychometric test results which I will send to the writer in a pdf file. , 3. identification of strengths and weaknesses related to your chosen graduate position/placement. 4. A conclusion, which should identify your next steps to build on strengths and address weaknesses.

Sample Solution