Personal brands in the profiles

Task Overview: Reflect on the personal brands of TWO accounting professionals as portrayed in their LinkedIn profiles and then creating your own personal brand.
Marking criteria:

  1. Analysis and synthesis of information/knowledge/learning from a range of experiences/sources
  2. Critical self-reflection to formulate professional development strategies.
  3. Completeness and relevance
  4. Overall clarity
    Refer the Reflection Marking Rubric.
    Deliverables: 500-700 word reflection
    Additional requirements:
    Formatting: Standard 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing, side margins 2.5cm wide.
    Referencing: All sources (ie the work and ideas of others) cited and referenced using a standard referencing system.
    Critically review the profiles of TWO accounting professionals posted on LinkedIn (You may use Google search)
    Compare and contrast these personal brands in the profiles to highlight THREE differences of their personal brands.
    Write your own personal brand.
    Critique your personal brand in terms of strengths and weaknesses in relation to entering the accounting profession.
    Identify and justify ONE specific action you can take strengthen your personal brand before you graduate.
    Review your work. Make sure the structure of the paragraphs and sentences is clear. Fix spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure you have cited and referenced accurately. Submit your reflection to turnitin via iLearn. Once you have submitted your report, check the originality report in turnitin and ensure similarity with other sources is referenced. No re-submission allowed.
    Extensions: No extension will be granted
    Penalties: Late submission will not be accepted for marking, i.e., a mark of ZERO will be assigned accordingly.

Sample Solution