Personal Development Profile

Reflect upon your own professional and academic journey ( successfully completed Higher National Diploma in Health and Social Care in last two years and now completing the top-up Degree (final year) over the last three years and consider your own professional development needs as you begin to think about graduate entry posts ( Social Worker UK) that might suit you upon graduation.

Explore the range of job opportunities on offer with your degree (BA Health and Social Care ) qualification, identifying barriers and limitations and how these may be overcome in order to achieve (ensure) a successful outcome (or your career goal (to be a qualified mental health social worker UK). In order to qualify as a social worker, I have to complete a post graduate degree in social work as this is a specialist area. I am currently working as a mental health service manager, managing a floating mental health service.

Use some of the leadership or management theories to show how you use them at work setting to develop yourself. How you motivate and guide your team. Mention about SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat ) analysis (how you assessed your own strength and weaknesses) and self-assessment tool (questionnaires from internet) you used to find out about your learning needs. (see core learning outcome at the bottom).





Sample Solution