Personal leadership model

Develop a personal leadership model based on your evaluation of how you responded at a critical moment, along with an analysis of how your personal strengths and leadership style can become a model for leadership within your organization. There is no page limit for this assessment; be substantive, thorough, and concise.
Note: You are strongly encouraged to complete the assessments in this course in the order in which they are presented.
This assessment has four sections.
Section One: Emotional Intelligence and Leadership.
In this section you will discuss the connection between emotional intelligence and effective leadership.
Section Two: Personal Leadership Assessment.
Use the critical reflection approach to self-assess your situational and current abilities related to personal leadership.
Section Three: Personal Leadership Brand Statement
Propose a personal leadership brand or style that is authentic to you and reflects your strengths.
Section 4: Personal Leadership Model
Develop an evidence-based personal leadership model that leverages your personal strength, leadership brand, and emotional intelligence.
Read the requirements carefully and be sure you complete each section.

Sample Solution