Personal Multicultural Analysis and Immersion experience

Personal Multicultural Analysis and Immersion experience. All people are products of the dynamics of their own cultural background. In addition, our present attitudes, behaviors, and values have been shaped by our past learning and experiences. These assignments will challenge you to self-reflect and to step outside of your cultural spheres.

(a) You are to conduct an analysis of your own cultural heritage, gender, and racial identity development. Your analysis should be written in a narrative format and follow APA style guidelines, but you do not need an abstract page. There is no page limit, but the minimum is four pages double spaced. Be sure to discuss your relative privileges and disadvantages as part of your analysis. This analysis should be about Latin American Culture

(b) Cultural Immersion Experience. You will find a way to spend time outside of class with a culture that is not your own and write about your experience. Be sure to tie this back to the discussion of your cultural heritage, gender, racial identity, and your privilege and disadvantages. This analysis should be about the Jewish Culture in America and religious services.

Use a conversational tone throughout the body of the paper to engage the reader. This does not mean to ask rhetorical questions, provide excessive anecdotes or over-personalize the piece. Rather, it means to use idioms or slangs throughout the piece to keep it reader-friendly, instead of jargon and clunky phrasings.

Avoid excessive in-text citations that interrupt the flow of the narrative. While multiple in-text citations might be effective in other writing styles, they can make it hard for the reader to follow along in a narrative style. Pulled quotes and occasional citations are still effective, so long as they do not distract from the piece.

Include a thorough bibliography page titled “References” that credits your sources. Because in-text citations are not as common in narrative style, a very thorough bibliography is necessary to avoid plagiarism and give credit where required. Consider also adding numbered footnotes throughout to make the sources easy to reference.

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