Personal Risk Assessment

The first part is the genetic family tree. The second part is writing an essay of one of the potential diseases in my family that may or may not effect me. I have done the first part, and I uploaded the document. Please read the following and review the assignment guideline from the files.

2-4 Pages discussing your health tree including the following information:

Pick 1-2 diseases that you are at risk for and explain/define what each disease is.
How does this risk affect your health?
What is an overall dietary pattern that would reduce your risk for contracting this disease, and why is this dietary pattern effective? (For example: high fiber diets can be effective in improving blood cholesterol levels as fiber prevents cholesterol being absorbed in the digestive tract. This further aids in the reduction of heart disease risk, etc). What are the specific foods that you should be eating to reduce your risks? What would happen if you did not follow these lifestyle/dietary recommendations to reduce your risk for disease?
What could be the domino effect if you do not follow these recommendations?
Writing parameters:

• Paper should be clearly organized and free of grammatical mistakes.

• Paper length: Part 1: family tree on a page; Part 2: discussion 2 to 4 pages

• Paper is double spaced

• Paper is 12 point font •

Paper has one inch margin

• Please include at least three RELIABLE references for this paper o Acceptable references: § .edu/.org/.gov websites § Your textbook § Peer reviewed articles o Unacceptable references § .com webpages (just because it can get little too difficult to fact check, and there are an abundance of reliable sources out there to use instead). § A magazine § Your cousin’s mailwoman’s nephew

I suggest the topic could be on Diabetes because 2 of my family members have it. Here are some link to research on:

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