Personal story of your experience with Digital World

Based on the film’s premise, write a narrative essay that tells a personal story of your own experience with digital technology. Because this is a narrative essay, you’ll want to write about a specific moment, incident, or feeling; do not write a general piece on technology, an argument, or a mere exploration of the subject. Like the people in the film, make it personal.

When you brainstorm for your paper, think of things like missed connections, distraction, “catfishing;’ superficial online relationships, instantaneous connections, access to information, reunions via social media, social media-induced envy, global connections, diminishing intelligence (because we can Google everything), and instant gratification.

This is the only essay assignment that can be written from a first-person point-of-view (using I/we).


  • Use at least 3 direct quotes from Ceiling Your Soul in your paper. • Cite Ceiling Your Soul and any other source(s) you use in MLA bibliographic style. • 750 – 1000 words • typed double-spaced • font size no larger than 12 points • 1-inch margins

Modules: Modules 1 – 5 can be accessed at any time, and all are relevant to the entire course. For this first assignment, however, focus on Modules 1 and 2. Closely study all the materials they contain.



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