Persuasive Speech

Select a controversial issue of fact, value, or policy. Using the topic you will create a speech with the appropriate number of points, depending on your chosen organizational pattern. Outlines should be typed and double-spaced, using an 11 or 12-point font in a reasonable style. The outline should be a complete representation of your speech. Five credible sources should be used in this speech. You should create a works cited, reference page. Be certain to include the pre-speech materials, which may be found in the example outline (specific purpose, organization pattern, object, etc.). A visual aid is required. It may be an object or an electronic presentation. Please do not email your slides to the instructor. You may use notecards if you prefer, but I recommend using the outline. Additionally, you should consider creating a second version of your outline, with a 20 or 24-point, font size. Do not turn in alarge-print outline to the grader. Focus on your delivery. A good speaker will make consistent eye contact with her or his audience, use gestures, use good vocal variety, varying the rate, pitch and volume of the voice, and demonstrate a firm command of the material. Reading from the outline with low to no eye contact will earn no higher than a “C” grade. Speaking over or under the time limit will earn no higher than a “B” grade. Uncontroversial topics, including buying a puppy, exercising, protecting the environment, and so forth, will earn no higher than a “B” grade. If you aren’t sure about your topic, please ask. You should practice your speech carefully. If you know you are in danger of going under the time limit, add pauses or additional content to your speech. If you know you are in danger of going over the time limit, cut out a portion of the script. Professionalism points are linked to this assignment. A professional speaker will show up on time, dressed for success, will present well, and should maintain good decorum throughout the class period. “with 5 or more citations” and quotations and paraphrase

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