Pharmacists Drug and Medicine Testing for side effects

A summary and analysis of an article from a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Articles must have been published within the past 12 months and must be taken from a joumal that is published by the American Chemical Society or Elsevier. (Interlibrary Loan may be required, so plan ahead.) The summary of the article should include the following: O A brief summary of the background of the authors. (Name, company/university, department, position) ❑ An explanation of the objectives of the research described in the article. ❑ A description of the procedure used, including any reagents or equipment. 0 A synopsis of the findings. The analysis of the article should include the following:

• Is the procedure used actually adequate to prove the hypothesis of the paper?

• Do the results actually support the hypothesis?

• Where there any particularly strong points in the procedure?

• Where there any particularly weak points in the procedure?

• What is your opinion of the writing style of the authors’?





























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